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Websites vs. Sales Funnels: Finding the Right Balance

Friday, May 24, 2024

Websites vs. Sales Funnels: Finding the Right Balance

There is a huge debate happening in the marketing space. Should we focus on websites or sales funnels to grow our business? People advocate for both sides and feel strongly about their positions. I sit somewhere in the middle. I believe there is a perfect solution to this question, backed by millions of dollars in online revenue. Let me share the benefits of both websites and sales funnels.

What is a Website?

A website is a home for your brand and business. It typically has a navigation bar at the top. This bar points to different pages like Home, Contact Us, About Me, and Success Stories. The homepage usually has a headline explaining what you do. There might be social media buttons and additional information about you.

A website lets someone get to know you and your brand. It gives a comprehensive view of your business. However, there is no specific next step for visitors. They might decide to become a customer or client at some point. But, there's nothing pushing them towards that decision.

Pros of Websites:

  • Branding and Positioning: Websites make you look like a bigger company. They help build trust and credibility.
  • Holistic View: Visitors can see everything about your business in one place.
  • Organic Traffic: Websites are great for people to find you naturally.

Cons of Websites:

  • No Clear Next Step: Visitors can leave without taking any action.
  • Ineffective for Paid Traffic: Sending ad traffic to a website can be wasteful. There is no direct conversion path.
  • No Clear Next Step: Visitors can leave without taking any action.
  • Ineffective for Paid Traffic: Sending ad traffic to a website can be wasteful. There is no direct conversion path.

What is a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a series of pages leading to a final result. This result is usually a sign-up or a purchase. The process is clear and direct. For example, you might have a traffic strategy that leads to a lead magnet. Then, the next step could be a webinar, followed by a purchase page.

​Sales funnels guide prospects through a set path. They focus on one goal at a time, making it easier to convert visitors into customers.

Pros of Sales Funnels:

  • Direct Path to Conversion: Funnels lead visitors step-by-step to a purchase.
  • High Conversion Rates: With fewer distractions, funnels often convert better than websites.
  • Scalability: You can drive a lot of traffic to a funnel and scale your business quickly.
  • Lead Generation: Funnels are great for collecting names and email addresses.

Cons of Sales Funnels:

  • Limited Branding: Funnels focus on conversion, not on building a brand.
  • Lack of Information: ​The initial contact doesn’t provide a full view of your business.

The Best Approach: Use Both

So, should you focus on websites or sales funnels? The answer is simple: use both. Having a website positions you as an authority. It elevates your status and builds trust. But, you should not drive active traffic to your website.

Instead, use a sales funnel to generate leads and sales. Funnels will bring people into your world. Then, they might visit your website to learn more about you.

Integrate your website and sales funnels on the same platform. This ensures a seamless experience for your visitors. For example, I use a platform called ClickFunnels. My website and sales funnels are built there. This setup allows for cohesive branding and efficient lead generation.

Visitors might find my sales funnels first. Seeing the root domain, they might then check out my website. This trickle traffic helps build my brand without additional cost.

​In the debate of websites vs. sales funnels, both have their place. Use a website for branding and a sales funnel for conversions. Integrate them for the best results. This balanced approach will help grow your business effectively.

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